The first defensive castle was founded by the antique Loubens family who came from La Réole in the Gironde area near Bordeaux. The knight Guillaume de Loubens left in 1096 for the first crusade at the side of Raymond IV de Saint-Gilles, Count of Toulouse.
In the course of the middle-ages
we are able to trace the complete genealogy of the family, starting with Lobens the first of Lobens, buried in 1288 in Toulouse. Arnaud, who was a counselor to the Pope Benoit the XII, founded in 1337 one of the first universities in Toulouse : the Verdalle College. The history of Loubens is linked to that of Cathare Heresia : Dame Berbéguiéra wife to the sire of Loubens, thus told the Inquisitor Ferrier en 1243, having "often visited in their houses cathares the perfects".
IEnlarget was during the pastel (woad) "golden age"
that Jacques de Loubens, greately enlarged the house. His brother Hugues de Verdalle, born in Loubens in 1531, became Great Master of the Malta Order in 1582, a Prince and a Cardinal. The castle then became the property of the Bournazel, a family who originated from the Rouergue region. At this point, the castle was little by little left uncared for and served mainly to store the grains of the domain.
The Capitoul of Toulouse
Joseph-François de Gounon (who is pictured here) bought the property in 1768. His son, Jean-Mathieu redesigned the entire interior of the castle. Among Jean-Mathieu many children, Jules and Victor de Gounon-Loubens left a lot to remember for. The castle has since always stayed in the family. Their niece, Clothilde-Louise de Gounon-Loubens married the 3rd Marquis d'Orgeix, a family from the Haute-Ariège region, the grandfather of the current owner.